One of our most important service offerings is staff strengthening and training. With a huge shortage of skilled people in South Africa we understand the importance of training people in order to uplift the country.

Our training services include:

SustainAbility Solutions Africa understands the necessity of grantees being held accountable by their funders on reporting and financial matters. Such requirements are often put forward in a funding agreement or contract between funder and grantee.

SustainAbility Solutions Africa can either assist the pro-active funder to make sure that their recipients understand all requirements, or the recipient that recognizes that its program and financial staff need strengthening and training.

Each training event normally includes an organizational assessment in order to tailor the training as much as possible to address the specific donor requirements.
With the responsibility of backoffice administration for several NGO clients SustainAbility Solutions Africa has in-depth understanding of typical issues related to NGO accounting.

Beside our day-to-day advisory to clients on accounting matters we also give training to clients who need to build skills in accounting packages and accounting in general.

Upon request we will provide you with further details on our tailored packages.
All of SustainAbility Solutions Africa’s staff have financial backgrounds of which most of them have extensive experience in either internal or external auditing. We understand what an external grant auditor will require from the recipient. This makes SSA a very suitable training partner for you. Our training package will cover areas from the set up of a planning up to background on how to reconcile your financial statements.

We have developed a unique donor compliance training package. This generally involves a two-day training course specifically focused on the relevant USG body (e.g. USAID, NIH, CDC) during which we thoroughly discuss applicable laws and guidance such as:

Upon request we can provide you with references of our clients.

Please refer below for an example of a training agenda for our Internal Controls Under the Revised "Green Book" course:

Green Book Agenda