Compliance Reviews      

Within the world of donors and grants adherence to rules, regulations, policies and procedures is extremely important. Accountability sometimes becomes a burden to NGO’s when rules are changing on an ongoing basis and knowledge is not present within the grantee organization.

Over the last two decades the staff of SustainAbility Solutions Africa has gained extensive experience among a wide range of donors. From the US Government to the European Union, from JICA to Scandinavian embassies, but also from well-known international private companies. We utilize this expertise when performing our compliance reviews.

As part of a compliance review we typically carry out the following:
  • interviews with key staff to identify processes and procedures
  • evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness for compliance with grant contract/ cooperative agreement
  • assessment on organizational risks
  • testing of processes and procedures, targeted, preferably based on areas of high risk
  • data sampling as verification on compliance with the procedures as per grant / cooperative agreement
  • internal control assessments
  • compliance with grant terms and conditions
  • cost share analysis
  • follow-up of prior audit findings
A compliance review can be carried out any time during the project. However, as a donor requires compliance from the start of a project, it is preferable to have a general assessment on capacity,capability and knowledge carried out at commencement of the project. This will reduce the risk of non-compliance and therefore the risk to need to repay (part of) the funds. 


Over the last few years the US Government, through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), has significantly increased its support to Southern Africa. Unfortunately not all recipients are aware of the extensive rules and regulations that come with the signing of a grant or cooperative agreement.

SSA is one of the few firms in Southern Africa that renders US Government-specific services. These services typically involve (in relation to USAID/CDC rules):

  • donor compliance review
  • assessment of policies and procedures
  • training of financial and program staff on compliance
  • special purpose "yellow book" audits

Our current client portfolio for USAID/CDC-specific services include organizations such as:
Right to Care
Wits Health Consortium
Foundation for Professional Development
Habitat for Humanity
World Vision
BroadReach Healthcare Africa

Most of these clients have sub-recipients whom we have strengthened/assessed as well.

Please refer to the training section for a detailed program.